A large part of our success is due to our commitment to servicing our customers. We have our own full time professionally trained sales force which routinely calls on our customers in person not only to take orders but to make sure that our customers are totally satisfied. Some of the ways we ensure customer satisfaction are:


• we ship via our own trucks so the product arrives undamaged and on time
• our full time sales representatives routinely call on our customers to inventory product, check
  any damage claims, set up displays, supply product literature, and assist in training
  customers in the marketing
• our professional and courteous truck drivers are committed to assist and train the customer in
  the unloading and unstacking
• we offer brochures, flyers, handling instructions, ad slicks, pricing posters and other
  promotional materials
• we are available all the times to meet the specific, requirements and needs of the customer


If your order requires specialised casting, our design and production system comes into action. The system ensures that lead times are kept to a minimum and the quality of the final product is never compromised. This is combined with our large network of suppliers and the ability to deliver the product to you on site, means we are able to offer you the most competitive prices in the industry.


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