Floors composed of reinforced precast concrete units have been developed over the years to overcome some or all of the disadvantages of in-situ reinforced concrete slab like need for formwork, and time taken for the concrete to cure before the formwork can be released for reuse and the floor available as a working area.


As precast concrete slab, half slabs are cast on precast yard with steam curing facilities while the remaining half of the slab is cast by in-situ concrete when conduit and reinforcement is laid down on the prefabricated half slab. We manufacture 75mm thick precasat concrete slab within vary box-up or recess. Length of starter bar from the edge of slab is according the relevant approved drawings. Special precast slab is also available such as larger the overall size, thickness and using the large size steel bar depend the special requirement with approved drawing.



• flexibility in design and good quality

• good fire resistance

• immediate access for subtrades below

• no formwork required

• extremely cost efficient

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