Retaining Walls
We manufacture a series of high-grade precast concrete retaining walls on the cantilever principle. The precast concrete retaining walls are reinforced on both faces to meet all forms of stem loading. They can be erected on a foundation as a permanent retaining wall or be free standing to act as a dividing wall between heaped materials such as aggregates for concrete. A degree of flexibility between the independent precast elements allows for temperature expansion without any degradation to the walls integrity.


Each retaining wall job is custom engineered for a particular application. All retaining wall designs are done in-house under direct supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer. We provide detailed shop drawings and calculations for each job submitted, that will bear the seal of the Professional Engineer.


• reduction in time by eliminating the curing period

  which is required for in-situ walls

• eliminating the need for costly formwork together with

  the time required to erect and dismantle the

  temporary forms

• special units to form internal angles, external angles,

  junctions and curved walls are available to provide

  flexible layout arrangements

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